Rabbit of the month: Calvin                                                                                  Sex: Neutered male.
Age: About 1 year oldCalvin is a fantastic rabbit! He is intelligent and knows his name, will come when called if he feels so compelled.
He loves to be pet and doesn’t mind being carried.
He would be a great family pet and would love all the attention!

Calvin (4)

Calvin (2)

Martinez Rescue

3/4/14. The last two ranch Rabbits Amethyst and Diamond are up for adoption. The others have already gone on to their forever homes.


Hello! Our names are Amethyst and Diamond. We are spayed female with gray and white speckled fur(chinchilla colored) and neutered male, white with tan/gray spots.
We are two rabbits that were “set free” on a ranch and left to fend for ourselves. It was scarey for us domestic rabbits to be exposed out of doors. Due to our history we can be afraid of loud noises and do not like to be picked up. Despite that, we both love to have our cheeks rubbed and snuggle on nice safe laps. He, Diamond is small and spunky rabbit. She, Amethyst is larger and much more mellow bunny. We are both good with the litterbox and looking for a quiet house.
We are SO happy together, they can not be split up, they must be adopted together.
If you’d like to meet us, please contact

11/4/13 CCRR and many helpers from the ranch went out to catch the rabbits last night. We successfully caught 4 rabbits out of 5. Three rabbits are males and one is female. They were very skittish and Fast!
One of the male rabbits is pending adoption. The other 3 are available but will not be released into new homes until they are spayed/neutered. All of the rabbits will go in for S/N surgery next week, which will kindly be paid for by The Rabbit Haven of Santa Cruz.

We will be going out again at the end of the week to catch the last allusive rabbit.

We will try to get pictures posted soon.

Thank you everyone for all your kindness and generosity donating your time and money to help these bunnies!!


CCRR will be taking over the rescue of rabbits in Martinez started by The Rabbit Haven. We will be helping a Martinez ranch catch 5 rabbits on their property. The rabbits were dumped and have been running loose for several months. Several rabbits have already gone missing, hit by a car or attacked by predators. These poor rabbits are domestic pets that have no skills for fending for themselves. They should be loved house bunnies.

A litter of babies were discovered and gratefully taken in by The Rabbit Haven

We will need some supplies for these rabbits once they are caught and taken to safety.


We need your help to Rescue the Worrell St. Rabbits!!


Online fundraising for Worrell St. Rescue

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Titan- Super Sweet Snuggle Bunny


Titan’s story: A kind citizen saw Titan thrown out of a car window and brought him to the shelter, where we first met him. He had obviously been attacked by another rabbit as his ears were missing pieces, nose had been bitten off and bite marks were on his back. He had fleas, fur mites and ticks, not to mention he was terribly fearful of people. Fortunately, Titan had no serious medical issues, no broken bones just a broken heart. He spent many months in foster care to learn that there are good people who love him. Titan has blossomed into a super sweet bunny that loves to snuggle and be held.

He was recently half neutered…the vet only found one descended testicle. Now he must go back for a second exploratory surgery to fully castrate him. This surgery will be $300. Currently, our funding has run out and we need to raise money for his second surgery. Please consider donating to Titan’s completed neuter fund, so that he may be able to find a bunny friend in the future as well as be adopted into his own loving home.

Donations to Titan can be made through  or by mail to     Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue PO Box. 95 Martinez, CA 94553.

Be sure to specify that your donation is intended for Titan.

Thank you!

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Online fundraising for Titan's Complete Neuter Fund



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