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We need your help. Several bunnies are loosing their foster home and we need to find them a new home. Our foster program will provide you, the foster, with an x-pen set up, litter box, food and water bowl. We are looking for quiet indoor homes. If interested please visit the foster page and read through the foster program details.








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Rabbit of the Month: Riley and Harley

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Harley and Riley are two bonded brothers born May 27, 2014. They are part of the Martinez rabbit rescue. Harley and Riley have spent their entire lives with their foster family and are very much loved. They are big boys who have good litter box skills and enjoy running up and down the hallway during their free time. Harley is a cinnamon harlequin/lop mix. Sometimes his ears go straight up and sometimes flop like a lop. He enjoys to be petted and loves to lounge around as the Prince he is. Riley is a white/brown spotted mix. He is slightly smaller than Harley and more outgoing. He nose-bumps as he runs by and loves his banana. They both enjoy hay – lots of hay – and their greens as well. They would do well with children – nothing seems to bother them, they are so laid back! They would be great free- roaming bunnies and with the right family they will blossom.

If you are interested in adopting Riley and Harley, please review our Adoption Policy and Procedure page.

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Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue
Urgent need for Adopters and Foster Parents

Dear Rabbit Lovers,

We have an urgent need for adopters and foster parents. This year has been an exceptionally bad year for rabbit dumping and unwanted litters. Our local shelter is at full capacity along with many other shelters through out the Bay Area.

Last week was one of our busiest rescue weeks. Recently, rabbits have been dumped in local parks, we went out and rescued 2 Himalayan girls. These girls were dumped at a park next to a power plant with a colony of feral cats where they could have been an easy target for predators. They were obviously well cared for prior to being dumped as they were clean, healthy and used to people. We were told by parks department that other parks had rabbits dumped in them but the rabbits have gone missing.

We received an urgent call about a rabbit found in a dumpster on a hot day. Treasure, as we named her, was in her cage with no food or water. She is the sweetest rabbit and loves to be pet. Treasure is a beautiful agouti lionhead girl.

This past Saturday we were given un-weaned baby bunnies which were being given away for free at the flea market. They were in a dirty bird cage with no water and bird seed for food. The smallest one, Pipsqueak has really bad urine scalding. They would surely have perished from hunger and improper care, if we did not rescue them.

All these rescues including our most recently large scale backyard rescue in Martinez have really put us at max capacity. With as many rabbits in need of rescue, we have become full and are unable to help until we can get some rabbits adopted into forever homes.

If you have been thinking about adopting a rabbit, now is a good time. We have openings for fosters and foster to adopt families who are not quite sure they are ready for adoption. There are many sweet, wonderful rabbits for adoption or foster.
For more information our adoption policy and foster program can be found on our website.

Ivy and Rose- Dumped in a Local Park

Ivy and Rose- Dumped in a Local Park

Rose- Just after she was caught.

Rose- Just after she was caught.


Treasure- was found in a dumpster.

Pipsqueak- One of the flea market babies.

Pipsqueak- One of the flea market babies.

Teeny- Flea Market Baby

Teeny- Flea Market Baby

Tidbit- Flea Market Baby

Tidbit- Flea Market Baby

Keebler- Flea Market Baby

Keebler- Flea Market Baby

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