July’s Rabbit of the month: Prscilla

Hi, my name is Priscilla! I’m a spunky curious girl who loves to explore on my exercise time. Everyone thinks I am the cutest sweetest bunny. I prefer to be petted with my feet on ground, although I am learning that being picked up isn’t that bad.
I prefer to live in an x-pen set up, cages just feel to enclosed and make me depressed.
I would like to have a friend, if you have a nice bunny..
I am meticulously clean, my foster mom says I’m the cleanest bunny she’s ever had!
If you’d like to meet me, email
Priscilla (9)

7/9 Update on Martinez Rescue: We are beginning to close down the site and slowly take stuff away. All the rabbits have been moved out of the backyard; either to foster, adoption(4 were adopted on June 28th) or moved into the nursery/office, where the AC is now working.
There are still many rabbits left from the Martinez rescue and we still need your help to spread the word for adoption or rescue of these bunnies.All of the juveniles are beginning to mature, they will be ready for spay and neuter, then adoption shortly. There are also, two litters in our foster system as well, they are still pretty young but that’s 8 babies total and two adult moms that will all need homes eventually. These rabbits are $25 dollars to approved indoors with proper housing and exercise time.
The Martinez bunnies will be going to every adoption event until they are all gone and we will be highlighting them at the big East Bay SPCA Adopathon this year.

Scabbers Update: Scabbers is doing very well and now, adoptable. His fur has almost entirely grown in, it’s a nice shiny white and he actually looks like a handsome rabbit now. He is unsure of other rabbits and rightfully so, considering all his wounds were inflicted by other rabbits. He would do well in a quiet home with people that can people gentle and loving to him. If you are interested in adopting Scabbers, please email

Captain Update: We are looking for a medical foster who can groom and give Captain medicine. He has a lot of needs that can not be met where he is now. His fur is shedding in clumps and new hair is starting to come in. He needs someone who can pamper him and care for him after surgery. If you can foster him, please email

We still need to raise funds for his eye surgery. He has a genetic condition that makes his eyes constantly watery and this causes the tissue around the eyes to become swollen and red.

Large Scale Rabbit Rescue in Martinez  martinez flyer_Edit                          
Update: May 26th: Over the weekend volunteers worked very hard on site to keep the bunnies cool during the heat of the day. All the temporary rabbit pens were finished. The males were split up into some of the pens and the females separated in the others. All the rabbits received grooming and visual exams. Many of the rabbits have scabs and abscesses from fighting.

New Temporary Pens for housing


Finished Temp. Pens


Visual Exam


Cleaning Pens


These Ladies worked hard to clean all 36 babies!

A very special Thank You!!! to everyone who came out this weekend in the 90 degree weather to help these bunnies!

Medical Update:  Two of the boy bunnies have eye injuries that will need veterinary care. One rabbit named Jaws, has a large abscess in the check, he will require surgery to remove it. Scabbers, the rabbit who became victim to fly strike has been doing much better now that he is receiving antibiotics and special care but he still has a lot of healing to do.
Captain, the orange and white Mini Lop is doing much better, his scabs are healing but he will need an eye lift procedure to prevent the constant weepy eye issues he has.


Scabbers May 17th


Scabbers May 24th

Rescue Bunny (2)

Jaws- Will need surgery to remove his large cheek abscess.


Joshua’s Eye injury will require medical treatment and possible removal.


Captain will need eye lift surgery.

May 23rd: Kaleigh and Kendall the first bunnies to be adopted! Congrats Sorrell and Jack!


1st bunnies to be adopted from the Martinez Rescue!

May 18th: Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue (CCRR) and The Rabbit Haven(TRH) are currently deeply involved in a large scale rabbit rescue in Martinez. There are over 100 rabbits breeding in an abandoned backyard. As many of you may know, female rabbits have a gestation period of 28 to 30 days. Moms can become pregnant again the day after delivery! This means the majority of the mature females are already pregnant. Since we’ve started the rescue a couple of the rabbits have become mothers increasing the number of rabbits. If we don’t step in, the situation can drastically increase to become even more unmanageable.

Over the past weekend (Sunday May 18th), dedicated volunteers from CCRR and TRH have been able to build temporary predator proof enclosures, separate males from females and identify rabbits. The Rabbit Haven’s baby foster parents have taken all the smallest babies into their expert care.Many of the adult rabbits have been fighting with each other and have bad abscesses. One male in particular was found with an abscess that had broken open to expose maggots eating his flesh.

Pictures can be seen here:

For More Information:

This where you come in! We need help with:
1. Donations for spay and neuter
2. Donations for medical care
3. Transport of rabbits from Martinez to Milpitas or Palo Alto for Spay/neuter surgery.
4. Temp. Foster homes for Post Op. spay/neuter surgery and or rabbits needing medicine.

Supplies Needed:
1. Bales of hay- Orchard or Timothy
2. Rabbit Pelleted food like Rabbit Chow
3. x-pens 30″ inch of taller
4. Flat Sheets
5. Plastic Shower curtain liners
6. Towels
7. Carriers
8. Litter boxes 18″ or smaller
9. Grooming Supplies

If you can help with these please email
Donations can be made on our donations page, please make sure to indicate that it is for the Martinez Rescue Bunnies. Thank you!

You can make an online donation at the or

Donate Now



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