7 Reasons to Keep Your Rabbit Indoors

1. They are apt to become prey, if loose outdoors. They can even be frightened to death without being touched.

2. Rabbits can suffer depression being cut off from socialization outdoors. A rabbit indoors becomes part of the family being able to learn it’s name, tricks and the families daily routine.

3. Being prey animals, it is natural for them to hide illness very well. Catching the subtle changes in diet and behavior in time is less likely when housed outdoors.

Yucky Hutch

4. Outdoor rabbits suffer at the elements mercy. In winter freezing temperatures and in summer temperatures above 100 F. Both of which can be fatal.

5. An indoor rabbit will not get diseases caused by mosquitoes, flies and fleas or other illnesses contracted from outdoor life.

6. Outdoors rabbits could ingest poisonous plants or plants sprinkled with fertilizer. These things are less likely indoors.

7. Outdoor rabbits can become victim of theft or cruelty from neighbors or passers by.

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