Adoption Procedure & Policy

Adopt a Bunny

Adoption Procedure:

Want to adopt?

Please download the following adoption questionnaire and return it to us via email(scan and attach or copy and paste into the body of an email) or postal mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


-All rabbits will be spayed and neutered before going home.

-We do not adopt rabbits as gifts.

-We only adopt to indoor homes with large enclosures/cages and plenty of exercise.

-We do not adopt rabbits to homes with dogs who view them as prey. Families with dogs must bring them to meet the rabbits before being approved for adoption.


Adoption Policy:

We require all bunnies to live indoors. Potential adopters must familiarize themselves with the proper care and requirements of owning a rabbit. All adopters will be counseled on proper rabbit care prior to agreement of adoption. The following is a copy of our adoption contract.

Commitment: I understand that I am making a commitment to this rabbit for its lifetime. Should my life circumstances change; should the rabbit fall ill; or should other difficulties arise between us, I agree to work through such issues so that he or she may remain a member of my household, or return the rabbit to Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue.


Transfer of Ownership: This rabbit or rabbits shall not be sold, adopted to anyone else, surrendered/dumped at any shelter or given away for free. I agree not to transfer ownership of this rabbit or rabbits to any third party without obtaining prior written consent from Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue. I understand that this rabbit was rescued and agree to work with this rabbit and with Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue to overcome any behavioral issues that might arise with him or her so that we may live together in contentment or return the rabbit to Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue.

Responsibility: In assuming responsibility for the above rabbit, I agree to never physically abuse him/her, nor will I allow any other person or animal to do so.  I will always supervise any children or pets when they are playing with this rabbit.

Home: I agree to give the rabbit play and exercise time in a safe environment and bunny proof my home. I am adopting this rabbit as a house companion, and at no time will he or she be left outside overnight. I will supervise any outdoor play activity and provide protection from predators.  I will monitor the outdoor temperature closely, if the rabbit is placed outside during exercise time.

Care: I agree to provide this rabbit with a balanced diet including as much hay as the rabbit can eat, daily fresh food (pellets and vegetables) and water. I also agree to provide medical care to always keep this rabbit in good health.

Veterinary Care: This rabbit was recognized to be healthy at the time of adoption unless disclosed by Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue. I understand that I am assuming responsibility for medical bills in the future and will not hold Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue liable for any expense. Should any illness arise in my rabbit or rabbits I shall take him to a qualified veterinarian.


Damages: Once this rabbit is adopted, Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue is not liable or responsible for any damage or injury caused by the adopted rabbit.


Repossession: I agree that the Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue is authorized to remove this animal if he or she is not receiving adequate home care, the rabbit is being endangered by lack of veterinary care, the owner is attempting to break contract or if there has been a violation of the adoption agreement or any local anti-cruelty laws.

Other Uses: The adopter agrees that this pet will not be used for feeding other animals or humans, fighting, medical or experimental purposes. The adopter agrees that this pet will be a house pet companion and family member.

Agreement: If I am unable to abide by this agreement, for any reason, I will return this rabbit to Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue.

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