A House Rabbit:

A rabbit in the house is a friendlier, happy member of your family. In door rabbits live longer, healthier lives. They get to know their owners tone of voice, footsteps and daily routines.


Cages: Avoid wire bottom cages! They create abrasions on rabbits feet called sore hocks. They are red inflammatory sores and yes! they are painful. If you already have a wire bottom cage, you can remedy the sore hocks with something to lay under the rabbits feet; folded towel, carpet sample, linoleum etc. We recommend a plastic bottom cage, they are easy to clean or hose down and they eliminate sore hocks.There are a variety of styles from single stories to condos with ramps to each level. Keep in mind how big your rabbit is or will be as an adult and accommodate its size.

Super Pet: Giant- Plastic Bottom Cage

This cage measures 47″Lx 24″ W.

Dog Crate

Dog Crate

Make Your Own: NIC condo, usually found in the organizing section of your local department store, ie Target.

Check out www.rabbitcondo.com for how to build these.

NIC condo

X-pen or Exercise pen: You can find them in the dog section of any pet store. They allow you to bend the pen to fit any space and they are portable! As for covering the floor there are several choices; tarp, old blanket or plywood that’s covered linoleum.

Exercise Pen

Custom built pen: This can be fun! Designing a pen your rabbit would enjoy. It could be 2 stories, single level with tunnels, the possibilities are endless. A few things to keep in mind are the materials you use. Cedar and Pine woods should Not be used. You can use wire around the cage but not as flooring.

Isis in her Castle

Custom built rabbit castle, 3 stories!

Behavior & Stimulation:

Toys: Rabbits need stimulation. Just as humans can get lonely and depressed rabbits do as well. It is good for rabbits to have some kind of toy to play with. They enjoy simple things such as; toy keys, balls of hay, cardboard houses with cut outs, and balls to roll around.

Colored Chew Toy

Chewing: It is essential for rabbits to chew and gnaw. They need to grind down their teeth to keep them from growing up into their heads. They love to chew on simple things such as cardboard, paper, hay and apple branches. Having chew toys also provides some stimulation for them.

Protecting your house from your rabbits excessive chewing is easy. You can wrap furniture legs with cardboard, bubble wrap, etc. There is binding cord wraps available at fry’s, home depot, radio shack, etc. to protect your power cords. Floor protection can be a tarp or piece of ply wood. Check out the areas in which your rabbit will run and rabbit proof your house accordingly.

Exercise: Like dogs and cats, rabbits need exercise. Too much confinement can cause obesity. They also can feel pent up with not enough run around time. Rabbits love to stretch out their legs and run. A happy rabbit will run as fast as it can, jump, twist and turn, also known as a binky. Ideally daily exercise would be best but not all people have time each day so lay out a schedule and pencil in some exercise time for rabbit each week.

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